all sweat is not created equally

I  woke up today thinking my PT would take me on another run, but today her objective was more muscle confusion I am guessing since she stumbled from her room without even combing her hair and turned on the kinect.  So for about 2 hours we did field sports and high adventure.

We also planted a garden..vegetables. The garden bed was mostly clay though so we shall see how successful that turns out to be.

Summer vacation is official. I am looking for opportunities for the kids to stay active and mentally alert during the summer, but most of these ventures are expecting enough money to fund a new building or something. So far though, we are fairly busy. Tomorrow we are going to Port Huron state park for the day.

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No need for speed.

So today, I went out for what I thought was going to be a walk with Lindsay on her bike.  Usually she rides ahead and waits for me to catch up, today I thought why don’t I try to keep up with her…and I did.  I am confidant with the way I was “running” (really could probably walk faster but it was a run/jog form) I could run a 5k.  It felt really good. Now, there is no use for me not to do it, AND Lindsay can be my coach.  She did great today…

Did I mention I was barefoot?  I honestly think I wouldn’t have started so , I guess the word is slow, otherwise. Speed will not be the goal….yet. Wow, why didn’t we do this sooner??

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A church is built on nothing less…

Running is a religion. It has the same degrees as any other faith, from those who are devout to oppositional. It has different followings. It has multiple temples, places of worship and types of worship. When you fall on your knees in the face of the rising sun, get back up, wipe yourself off, and run.

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Are you there blog? Its me Jessica.

Things I think are true:

1. Shoes matter.  Whatever the activity, if possible to get shoes that are designed for it, than do so.

2. Protein in the morning makes a difference.  Eating within an hour of waking and trying to make that meal contain protein makes the rest of the day easier. Easier to not give in to sweets/ easier to fit in exercise.

3. Sugar more than carbohydrates will deter the goal.  Some carbohydrates are actually good, where as sugar for sugar sake just doesn’t do anything except bring you out of diabetic coma perhaps.

4. Your body and mind have to work together to get past a plateau.  You can push your body past an exhaustive state. You can think yourself into almost any scenario. A true hurdle will require both to surmount.

I have yet to register for my 5k. I have found several that fit my requirements (close, not on Sat/Sun, etc..) to be honest I am creating excuses, because once a registration is made, I will not be able to procrastinate.  I think I like procrastinating. I must, I’m very good at it.  I did run a full mile the other day. Some of the running was probably slower than my walk pace but the motions were that of running.  I don’t think I have done more than .25 prior to this.  I haven’t tried since. It wasn’t pleasant. It was more of an experiment in determination if you will.  I have also started using joint juice. I’m taking a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement to lubricate my bendy parts until they no longer have to support the extra 30 lbs or so.

I am mulling the idea of a triathlon for NEXT year. Once mini me is in school M-F, I will have the time to devote to training, I am thinking the swimming is going to be the most difficult part, but this is purely speculation at this point.

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A good friend and former supervisor of mine brought to my attention that I am uncomfortable with success.  I did not want to believe him. The more aware I become of myself however lends credence to this. I am a self saboteur. The problem is that is not consciously done. I realize after I have fallen off track or missed a deadline, that I could have made better choices.

I may have mentioned that my husband is a little OCD. I am currently thinking that a little of this would help me, perhaps keep me focused or on task. 

I’m not unhappy. I’m just not satisfied. I am also not entirely off kilter.  I still go to the gym 3-5 times a week. I still mostly eat healthy (besides PBtwix, and currently easter goodies) I can keep up much better with 4-year-old activities, for the first time in my life people are saying “you look tan”, these are things that make me happy.

I am also still looking into the 5k thing, my issue is that most of these happen on a weekend, and I have very little personal time at work so taking time off is not much of an option.

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2 weeks forward 1 week back

It seems as if progress is on a bungy cord. Eventually you are going to end up in an entirely different place but the journey is a lot of ups and downs.

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I refuse to admit that I am unmotivated, nor undeserving. I don’t think Irony is very relevant in success or failure. My thoughts have been coming back to the idea that most are content with meeting expectations. Most are comfortable with being comfortable. This to me is my current hurdle. How do I make myself WANT more than what I’m comfortable with?

In most cases it is common knowledge what is expected on a job, or to accomplish a standard goal. Most are capable of finding these criteria if they are not directly trained.  I also believe that any given individual has a comfort level as to these directives. Some are not comfortable unless they go beyond the expected. The majority are going to meet expectations. I hypothesize that the ones who are recognized are not the ones who regularly over achieve, or sheepishly accomplish status quo.  The ones who will eventually get the promotion, or become “a name”, are the ones who break from comfort one way or another.

I used to like to find these comfort circles and challenge them.  I was never going to get rich, but I always got noticed…. What the heck happened? and how do I get it back?

This doesn’t really apply to the weight loss or the attempt to learn the art of running so much other than I’m not all that concerned that I haven’t made much progress one way or another in the last couple months, no ,instead I ponder the fact that I don’t do anything other than work and come home. Hrmph…

Or perhaps it is one of the things that is allowing me to be ok with starting something, but never really finishing…

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